2024 Tooele Bit N Spur Rodeo

2024 Tooele Bit N Spur Rodeo

The Bit n Spur Rodeo in Tooele, Utah, is a well-known local rodeo event that attracts participants and spectators from the surrounding areas.

Gates open @ 6pm with Grand Entry at 7:30. Fireworks July 4th @ 10pm. Tickets will be available at Macey’s or rodeoticket.com

Here’s a detailed look at what makes the Bit n Spur Rodeo a significant event in Tooele:

Events and Activities:

The Bit n Spur Rodeo features a range of traditional rodeo events, including:

  • Bull Riding: Riders attempt to stay mounted on a bucking bull for eight seconds.
  • Bareback Riding: Similar to bull riding, but on a horse, with the rider using bareback rigging.
  • Saddle Bronc Riding: Riders use a specialized saddle and try to stay on a bucking horse.
  • Team Roping: Two riders work together to rope a steer, one roping the head and the other roping the hind legs.
  • Tie-Down Roping: A rider ropes a calf, dismounts, and ties three of the calf’s legs together.
  • Steer Wrestling: A rider jumps off their horse onto a steer and wrestles it to the ground.
  • Barrel Racing: A timed event where riders navigate a cloverleaf pattern around barrels.

Family-Friendly Atmosphere:

The Bit n Spur Rodeo is known for being a family-friendly event, with activities and entertainment for attendees of all ages:

  • Mutton Busting: A crowd favorite where young children ride sheep, aiming to stay on for as long as possible.
  • Kids’ Events: Additional events and activities designed for children to participate in and enjoy.
  • Food and Vendors: Various food stalls and vendors offer local cuisine, rodeo gear, and souvenirs.

Community Involvement:

The rodeo is a significant event for the Tooele community, fostering a sense of local pride and togetherness. It often involves:

  • Local Sponsors: Businesses and organizations from Tooele and surrounding areas sponsor the event.
  • Volunteers: Community members volunteer to help with various aspects of the rodeo, from setup to operations.
  • Charity and Fundraising: Proceeds from the event often go towards local charities, community projects, or youth programs.


The Bit n Spur Rodeo in Tooele, Utah, is a vibrant celebration of rodeo culture, offering thrilling events, family-friendly activities, and a strong sense of community spirit. Whether you are a rodeo enthusiast or just looking for a fun outing, this event promises an exciting and memorable experience.



Jul 03 - 04 2024


6:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Bit N Spur Rodeo Club
(435) 830-5722