Grantsville Sociable

Grantsville Sociable

The Grantsville Old Folks Sociable is Grantsville, Utah’s traditional social event of the year. The Old Folks Sociable idea started in 1875 when professional photographer Charles Savage and LDS Church Presiding Bishop Edward Hunter inaugurated “Old Folks Day” to honor fathers and mothers. The first Old Folks Sociable held in Grantsville was on January 6, 1884. This annual event is believed to have been canceled only twice in its 125 year history. The Old Folks Sociable honors all residents and former residents who are 75 years and older. Grantsville High School, home to the Old Folks Sociable, becomes a gathering place for high school class reunions and family reunions. The Sociable is also a celebration of Grantsville’s heritage. For residents and former residents, it is a walk down memory lane. Events include a 5K run, a car show, a program, a reception for honored guests, a dinner, and a dance. All residents and former residents (eighteen years and older) are invited to attend. The Old Folks Sociable is held each year during the month of March.

Driving Directions


Mar 16 2024


8:00 am - 6:00 pm


Grantsville High School
155 E Cherry St, Grantsville, UT 84029