Embark on a journey to discover one of Utah's most breathtaking destinations, Tooele County, where you'll encounter a diverse and dramatic landscape unlike any other. From soaring 11,000-foot peaks to a tranquil inland sea, lush valleys, and a captivating desert dotted with a strange expanse of white salt, Tooele County has it all.

Explore a world of boundless opportunities in Tooele County, Utah’s second largest county stretching over a massive 7,000 square miles. Whether you are an adventurer seeking thrills or simply looking for a serene escape, Tooele offers something for everyone. Hike scenic trails, bike or horseback ride, camp amidst majestic mountains, conquer the desert on an OHV, or dive into the depths of the underwater world- all within Tooele’s diverse landscape.

Water Activities

Sailing in Tooele

Scuba Diving at Blue Lake

Anglers Can Test Their Skill

Scuba Diving at Bonneville Seabase

Olympic Sized Swimming at Deseret Peak Complex

Offroad Adventures

ATV and Dirt Bike Enthusiasts


Utah Motorsports Campus


Road or Mountain Bike Across Tooele County


Tooele County's Picturesque Camping Spots

Bird Watching

Birder's Paradise


Big Game


Hike Tooele County


Tee It Up in Tooele County

Horseback Riding

Riding Tall in the Saddle


Experience the Thrill of a Lifetime


DropZone U Fun Center