Birder’s Paradise

Tooele County is a birder’s paradise with its wide-open vistas, habitats that range from thick sub-alpine forests to marshlands, and an arid climate that drives birds to flock together at watering holes.

Explore the rich birdlife of Tooele County, home to a substantial portion of the Great Salt Lake, a critical site for Northern Hemisphere bird migration. Visit Fish Springs National Wildlife Refuge, a serene and remote location offering a 10,000-acre marsh system and up to 6,000 wintering birds.


Take a tour of the stunning sagebrush landscapes on “Raptor Loop” and spot a variety of birds, from owls to eagles. Enjoy birdwatching in the lush South Willow Canyon, where you’ll find a diverse range of forest birds, including flycatchers, thrushes, jays, bluebirds, and warblers, as well as larger birds like hummingbirds and woodpeckers.