Riding Tall in the Saddle

Tooele County is a haven for horse riders seeking a thrilling trail experience. The Stansbury Mountain Range boasts rugged terrain and scenic vistas for riders to enjoy from the saddle. Come experience the rush of riding tall in the mountains or valleys.

The horseback riding experience in Tooele County is truly unique. The Stansbury Front Trail and South Willow Lake are two must-visit destinations for riders, offering a diverse range of terrain and scenic vistas. The Oquirrh Mountains provide several off-the-beaten-path rides, allowing riders to explore and appreciate the beauty of the area. Horse enthusiasts can rest easy knowing their horses are secure in stalls available at the Deseret Peak Complex or with private operators in Tooele Valley. In addition to riding, horse lovers can view wild horses in the Cedar and Onaqui Mountains.


The Tooele Valley is a hub for horse enthusiasts, offering a diverse range of experiences for riders of all skill levels. From the rugged Stansbury Front Trail to the serene South Willow Lake, there’s something for everyone in Tooele County. Come and experience the thrill of horseback riding today! For more information on horseback riding locations in Tooele County, call (800) 378-0690.