Scuba Diving at Blue Lake

Discover the underwater world of Blue Lake in Tooele County and experience unique scuba diving opportunities with diverse aquatic life and crystal-clear waters.

Blue Lake in Tooele County, Utah offers an exciting and unique opportunity for scuba divers to explore a diverse underwater world. The lake, which is known for its crystal-clear waters and varied aquatic life, provides a truly unforgettable diving experience.


Visitors will find a variety of underwater landscapes to explore, including gently sloping shorelines, drop-offs, and underwater caves and crevices. With a maximum depth of 50 feet, Blue Lake is ideal for both beginner and experienced divers, and its clear waters provide exceptional visibility year-round.


In addition to its stunning beauty, Blue Lake is home to a rich and diverse array of marine life, including a variety of fish species, plants, and invertebrates. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful and meditative dive or an adrenaline-pumping adventure, Blue Lake offers something for everyone.


If you’re new to scuba diving, local dive shops offer a range of diving courses and certifications, as well as rental equipment, air fills, and guided tours. And for experienced divers, the lake provides ample opportunities for exploration and discovery.


So come, experience the underwater world of Blue Lake in Tooele County and discover why this destination is a must-visit for scuba divers from around the world.