Tooele County is home to a fascinating Pony Express stop located at the foot of the Dugway Range. This historic site played a vital role in the early days of communication and transportation in the region, but obtaining water for the Dugway station was a significant challenge, and it had to be hauled in from Simpson Springs.

In the 1890s, the location was repurposed as a halfway stop by the Walters and Mullinger Stage Co. on their route between Fairfield and Ibapah. Today, visitors can still see the original foundation of the station, which is visible in the foreground of the picture. The area is also renowned for its stunning natural beauty, which offers ample opportunities for exploration and adventure.

Don’t miss the chance to explore this unique and historically significant attraction in Tooele County, and experience the same journey taken by Pony Express riders and early stagecoach travelers.