Grantsville First Branch

Tooele County is home to the fascinating Donner-Reed Museum, located in a historic building that was once the Grantsville First Branch. The museum houses many memorial artifacts that speak to the rich cultural and historical heritage of the Grantsville area. Visitors can explore relics from Native Americans, as well as artifacts related to the Donner-Reed Party that passed through the region before crossing the Great Salt Lake Desert on their journey to California.

The old cornerstone from the Grantsville 2nd Ward, originally located on Church Street, was moved to the Donner-Reed Museum and serves as a reminder of the area’s religious and cultural history. The recreation hall of the old church also remains standing today, and it now houses “The Ivy Garden” dinner theater, a unique and memorable attraction in Tooele County.

Visitors to the Donner-Reed Museum can also explore an old pioneer log home and the community’s first metal jail, offering an insight into the area’s early history. With so much to explore and experience, the Donner-Reed Museum is a must-visit attraction for history enthusiasts and culture lovers in Tooele County.