Orr’s Ranch

The Lincoln Highway, established in 1913, was the first coast-to-coast “motor road” in the United States, spanning 3,389 miles and linking New York City and San Francisco. This historic road traveled through 12 states, entering Utah at Evanston, Wyoming, and departing at Ibapah near the Nevada state line. The Lincoln Highway ran through the heart of Tooele County, where one of its major stops was at Orr’s Ranch in Skull Valley. Here, motorists could purchase gas, food, and lodging before embarking on the treacherous journey across the Great Salt Lake Desert. Today, Orr’s Ranch still stands as a testament to this important era in American transportation history, complete with an intact Lincoln Highway marker on site. Additionally, visitors to Dugway Proving Ground can still see the bridge that motorists once crossed as they traveled along this iconic roadway. A trip along the Lincoln Highway in Tooele County is a fascinating way to connect with the history of American transportation and to explore the unique landscapes and cultural heritage of the region.