Tooele North Ward

Tooele County is home to a fascinating historical landmark, the North Ward Church, which is also known as the old 2nd Ward Church. In December 1913, the Tooele Ward was divided, creating two new wards designated as the North Ward and South Ward. Despite the split, the two wards continued to meet in the South Ward building until May 31, 1914, when the new building was ready for use.

For over half a century, the North Ward Church served as a vital hub of religious and cultural life in the local community. However, in March 1965, the Tooele Second Ward property was sold to Albertson’s. Seven years later, Albertson’s sold the property to Beehive State Bank, marking a significant change in the use of this historic site.

Today, visitors can explore the fascinating history of the North Ward Church and learn more about its cultural and religious significance in Tooele County. The area is also renowned for its stunning natural beauty, which offers ample opportunities for exploration and adventure. Don’t miss the chance to experience this unique and historically significant attraction in Tooele County.