Tooele South Ward

Tooele County is home to an iconic landmark, also known as the Tooele Ward and First Ward, which has been an important center of worship and community for generations. Construction on the meeting house began in 1856, using rock from Settlement Canyon and under the direction of John Rowberry, one of Tooele’s original pioneers who helped establish the community.

The church was completed in 1869 at its present location in Tooele Park, a testament to the enduring spirit and dedication of the community. Directly west of the chapel facing Vine Street, stood the old Tooele Stake building, which was a vital center of worship and community life.

Today, visitors can explore the rich history of this landmark at the site’s monument, which includes a bell that was originally used in the church’s steeple. Don’t miss the chance to experience the deep sense of community and faith that is woven into the fabric of Tooele County.