U36 and U73 Junction

Nestled about six miles south of Stockton, visitors will find a curious monument that seems strangely out of place in the surrounding landscape. This unique landmark is the Mail Drop Monument, which served as a crucial hub for mail delivery and pickup in the late 1800s.

Residents in Tooele, Lehi, and points in between, including the towns of Ophir and Mercur, relied on the mail drop as a convenient way to send and receive letters and packages. The mailman from Tooele would collect post from various locations, including Stockton, before delivering them to the mail drop for pickup or delivery. Similarly, the mailman from Lehi performed the same vital service for Ophir and Mercur.

Today, visitors can experience the rich history of this important landmark and marvel at the ingenuity and resourcefulness of the early settlers who helped shape the unique character and culture of Tooele County.